Pieces are planed on four sides and sanded to 100 grit (120 grit for columns) on all visible faces and edges. Finer or rougher finishes can be provided at customer request. We offer a wide variety of surface treatments. Generally speaking, however, we allow installers/contractors the option of providing the final stain and finish on a project.

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We offer various textured finishes on our entire product line, for when something more exotic than a simple smooth surface is called for. A “brushed” finish, in which a wire wheel is run with the grain across the length of the piece, is used to produce a grooved, distressed look.

Optionally, the surface can be left unplaned and unsanded: this “resawn” finish is employed for a truly rustic appearance.  Saw marks are left as is, and at times the surface will show the dents, rust marks and splinters associated with sawn lumber.

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Adzing is a rustic finish that can be done by hand or machine.  By hand, using an antique Adze tool with a sharpened curved head, this is a laborious but truly vintage look.  The random quality of the repeated movement provides the unique look.

Machine adzing can provide a rustic ripple that is nonetheless more predictable than traditional handwork.

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After surfacing is complete, the pieces are coated in a clear sanding sealer for protection and packed for shipping unless otherwise specified. Low VOC sealers can also be employed for sustainability as per client wishes.

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