Project No. 1: Kalolam Custom Hemlock Glulam Beams

For a client with strong ties to the Northwest wood industry, Sullivan Conard Architects choose Hemlock wood fiber for the lamstock to be used in Kalolam Glulam beams in this private residence.  Hemlock, a fine grained conifer very light in color, maintains the lighter shades as it does not oxidize over time as much as other woods.  For this brief, we choose a KD C & BTR Clear Grade, mostly coastal old growth, which was graded as lamstock and then sorted for color and grain patterns, based on the location of the beams.  Glued with Emulsion Polymer Isocyanate system that dries clear, the end result is a visually satisfying Glulam that speaks as a structurally engineered timber that is clean and refined.

Photography by Benjamin Benschneider.