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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

A classic piece of architecture, columns have been used to add majesty and grace to a structure since the days of Julius Caesar.  GR Plume Company can bring this timeless feature of architectural millwork into your project in a multitude of ways. Using a proprietary gluing technique, our columns are assembled in lengthwise sections and carefully crafted into specified shape. Columns can be fabricated in nearly any length and diameter, to suit any aesthetic; slender and graceful reeds or massive Grecian monoliths, and anything in between. 

Such a column is fabricated as either solid members or hollow Purforma, and can be made using a wide variety of species and in any shape (square, hexagonal, octagonal, round, etc.) the client desires.

Our solid glued columns have the same strength of standard solid sawn timber and the Purforma (hollow) columns can be filled with sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) to enhance column stability, and with all our other products, glue lines on all products are rendered invisible through the use of a chemically neutral polymer glue and careful sanding. With our process, a hollow channel can be left through the middle of the column, allowing for features such as pipes, wires or steel tie-ins for extra load-bearing capacity to be easily incorporated. Engineered wood columns (which provide additional strength and the peace of mind of APA/EWS certification) are an option. FSC lumber is available upon request (subject to availability restrictions for some exotic species) for sustainability requirements.


Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Straight and true, beams are the basis of every timber structure. Beams can be anything from a rough hewn log with the bark still attached to the most precious ridge beam in an Asian temple (with the finest edge up, facing God). Beams can be mighty or delicate,  boldly notched, heavily bolted or coupled with completely hidden fastenings, and beams can carry the entire structure or merely be the icing on the cake.  At GR Plume, we make beams everyday and never tire of the options available.