Precision joinery is one of our distinctive features; we work to cabinet-grade specifications, using tight tolerances to achieve a clean, fresh appearance.

We do business with a wide variety of metalworkers, allowing us to provide a wide variety of connectors, from antique to modern. Mounting hardware can be manufactured to the client’s specifications, both cosmetic and structurally functional. Such metal brackets can be finished in any fashion desired, from raw or stainless steel to bead blasted or powder coated.

When the look of metal connections are not desired, “hidden” fastenings can be employed for a clean, poetically simple look and feel. Bolts and brackets are concealed within the joint itself, allowing the natural beauty of wood to express fully within a space.

Although we do not design or engineer any brackets or fastenings, we are happy to work with the client’s design professionals to deliver on the required parameters.

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