Often the look of heavy timber is desired by a client, but the surrounding structure is ill-suited to such an addition, or the cost of a true rebuild is outside the client’s purview. Purforma™ Timbers are an innovative approach to providing the look of solid sawn timber without the weight.

Purforma™ Timbers are hollow beams, fabricated from sliced glulam slabs (sliced crosswise to the existing seams for strength) and veneered in the species of your choice. Bracing is typically added every 16″ for additional stability. The result is a non-structural member of very light weight that retains the substance and mass of heavy timber in appearance.

Purforma™ Timbers can be employed as cladding for steel or concrete beams and columns, as decorative accents (such as a mantelpiece or door frame) or to replicate the look of a timber-frame structure (trusses, coffered ceilings). Purforma™ Timbers can be manufactured as either straight beams or arches, and can be fitted internally for the passage of pipes or cables upon request.