Reclaimed timbers provide the unique look that only the passing of time can generate; a rich patina of age and weathering. At the GR Plume Company, we are seasoned veterans at bringing new life to these wonderful old-growth beams.

Due to the many characteristics such as nail and bolt holes, cracks, dents and stains, we suggest this material be used in projects that fully embrace its rustic nature. As availability is becoming increasingly scarce, we ask any customer interested in this product to allow for a significant lead-time when ordering. Reclaimed timbers are akin to antiques or collectibles; they must be hunted for assiduously, and are very much subject to the vagaries of availability and timing.

Aged Patina reclaimed timbers may be found and utilized with only a coarse sanding to remove rough edges, splinters and to smooth gouges etc.  Other times, resawing new faces and edges may provide a more pleasing surface that can be planed and sanded to a higher level of finish.