Project No. 3: Premium Glulam Trusses

Inspired by the traditional building structures of the Hawaiian culture, Bernie Baker Architects conceived this beach front home as a series of pavilions or hales. As timber fabricator, GRPC’s assignment was to provide 2400 fb V8 GLB trusses fabricated from Premium Grade Select Tight Knot High Mountain Douglas fir (typically more dense than coastal fir). All metals: base brackets, kerf plates, Tee-beam corners, eave supports, hip to collar tie brackets, etc were custom fabricated from A-36 steel and then galvanized. Threaded sleeves were used through so only bolt heads showed on either side of bracket. Timber frame was assembled in our shop, disassembled, crated, treated, and then shipped to Hawaii by container ship. Final color stain was applied at jobsite.

Photos by David Franzen.