Our definition of Shop Operations refers to the cutting, fitting, drilling, mortise and tenon work if applicable, including as much pre-assembly as possible and sanding/finish of the timbers. When Shop Operations are included in the contract, we offer shop drawings for manufacturing purposes only, when requested. Our shop drawings are based on the design and engineering by the Design Professional on the project.

We test and pre-assemble as much as possible the projects in-house before shipment to a jobsite, to ensure the fit of all segments and the client’s peace of mind. Each individual piece is then labeled and carefully packed for shipping. When preparing a project for transport, every effort is made to pack the materials in a fashion that will aid in an efficient assembly process upon arrival. Although we do not install, we offer site visits by our principal, Gordon Plume, to facilitate and consult on the installation process.

What sets GRPC apart from others is our ability to offer precise cutting and fitting done in a shop setting that is a vast improvement over field work.  Working closely with the Design Professional, we help anticipate and overcome many of the problems that occur with complicated design directives.  A boon to the General Contractor, pre-assembly makes actual installation move quickly and efficiently, often saving time and money on the jobsite.