GR Plume Company is dedicated to community involvement and we strive to make a significant effort to support our neighborhoods.  Through in-kind, volunteer and financial support we believe it is imperative to give back to those special projects that need help.

Robin Plume, as a board member of the Northwest Workforce  Council and long time employer, sees first hand the need to focus on Youth and job training.  Drop-out prevention, exposure to the trades, hands-on experiences are all part of GRPC’s committed focus on youth.

As a dedicated craftsman and Rotarian, Gordon Plume participates in many local, community projects. A strong believer in hard work and physical participation, he often offers “on the job training” to other members of the volunteer team when building some of these projects.

Collectively, the Plumes also donate benefit events in Robin’s garden. Filled with structures designed and built by Gordon, surrounded by a lush Northwest garden interspersed with tropicals and hot house specialties, members of the community come together to contribute for the greater good.

We’ve Got Wood! GRPC has sponsored a Ski to Sea Team for many years.  A 90 mile relay race that encompasses seven different sports, Ski to Sea is a favored event in Bellingham, Washington.  GRPC, along with sponsoring a team, has long participated in various ways to help with the reclaimed wood for the team plaques.